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High Precision PC Parts

High Precision PC Parts

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High Precision PC Parts


High-precision Plastic CNC Turned parts with enhanced benefits of polycarbonates

In the manufacturing sector, polycarbonates are prized for their toughness, formability, and exceptional resistance. However, they incorporate even more remarkable features when complemented by the accuracy of CNC turning techniques, like those at Promostar. With the total dedication to top-quality automated equipment, we’re capable of producing high-precision Plastic CNC Turned parts that take common material characteristics up a notch.
After polycarbonate parts are processed in Promostar’s multi-axis CNC machines, they offer:

  • improved crack- and shatter-proof properties
  • higher heat resistance
  • next-level durability (glass is not even close to CNC-revamped PC in terms of strength)
  • increased UV stability and insulation effectiveness

With these upgrades, our high-precision Plastic CNC Turned parts can make a robust addition to a profusion of products and hardware pieces. As a manufacturer, you can avail yourself of them for medical devices, lighting solutions, protective gear, sheets, moldings, panels, car components, etc.
We offer high-precision Plastic CNC Turned parts in various sizes and can produce as many of them as you need. Our manufacturing capacity is large enough to supply thousands of pieces in the shortest time frame. Once you’re ready for a quote, submit the form above after making sure you’ve pointed out how many PC parts your project requires.




Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel,Titanium, Steel,Brass, Copper,POM and so on.


Finishes: Anodize,Oxidize,Electric-Plating,Liquid Painting,Rubber Painting etc.


Capacity: from 1pc-10,000pcs


Working Size: X: 855mm Z:250mm

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