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Aluminium Electroplating rose gold

Aluminium Electroplating rose gold

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Aluminium Electroplating rose gold


Durable parts touched up with aluminium electroplating

Electroplating is common in the manufacturing industry. It’s used either to protect metal objects from corrosion or to solidify them. Promostar specializes in applying in kinds of electroplating finishes to aluminium items to make them last longer. Here are a few reasons why we use this metal in the production of our stamping parts:

  • Aluminium is quite flexible, and it can be easily shaped into various objects.
  • It has high electrical conductivity, which makes it perfect for coating.
  • When alloyed with other metals, aluminium becomes quite strong.
  • It is recyclable and can be remelted many times for manufacturing different products.

Electroplating in aluminium has many purposes, from creating packaging foil to producing aircraft parts. That’s why we allot a considerable amount of our manufacturing resources to this process. A coating has to be flawless, so we carefully examine every detail before sending orders to our customers. By combining the latest technologies with the best materials and Promostar’s expertise, we create reliable parts that can be applied in any field.
If you have a furniture business and are looking for long-lasting fittings or require plenty of lightweight but robust components for construction, Promostar’s electroplated aluminium parts will serve you well. With us, you will get high-quality products tailored to your needs!


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