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High Precision Turning Components

High Precision Turning Components

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High Precision Turning Components

Order high-precision turning components for your end products

What do you get when you mix complex detailing, accuracy, and lightning-fast production time? High-precision turned parts! Here you can buy high-precision turning components online for your rods, chucks, shafts, or other end products by outsourcing their making to Promostar. Consistent part quality and fast production are guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a high-precision turning components manufacturer with its own set of CNC machining equipment, leave it to Promostar. We can help you save on production costs and make your parts to match your exact specs. Whether you’re going to use them for tooling or heavy equipment, we can produce and deliver them in any quantities.


We run our own CNC machines to churn out high-precision parts by turning. This entails massive savings and less hassle for you as you don’t have to pump money into new equipment.

We’re also well-equipped to do finish jobs for your steel, aluminum, titanium, or other components. If you care about the appearance of parts or need to upgrade their resistance, we can do:

  • Oxidation

  • Anodizing

  • Electroplating

If you have a complete spec sheet to share, submit your details. We’ll then reach back with favorable terms and a quote as your high-precision turning components supplier.

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