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Stainless steel pin automatic turned parts

Stainless steel pin automatic turned parts

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Stainless steel pin automatic turned parts


Custom made Stainless Steel pin for your assemblies

Made from the high-grade alloy and through automatic turning, these cylindrical rods can add reliability to your assemblies. Thanks to being partially threaded, Promostar’s stainless steel pin can be used for holding fasteners in place while fitting in tapered holes. Their somewhat smaller diameter on one end allows for more versatile positioning and alignment of components. This may come in handy for a variety of construction, machining, and engineering operations.
Besides their broad applicability, our stainless steel pin provide many material-related benefits. With them, you won’t have to worry about:

  • deformation of rods caused by their inadequate tensile strength to withstand loads
  • failure of parts because of corrosion or high temperatures
  • inability to finish the surface of rods to suit your applications

Promostar’s stainless steel pin are custom made to fit your products. They are ideal for securing and holding metal pieces, regardless of the severity of the environment they are used in.
Please note that we can manufacture stainless steel rods with automatic turning for large orders. Even if you need thousands of pins, Promostar’s got you covered. Specify this in your request by completing the form above.


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