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Aluminium CNC Turning adapter

Aluminium CNC Turning adapter

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Aluminium CNC Turning adapter

Aluminium CNC Turning Parts


Buy aluminum CNC turning parts online 

While it may seem impossible at first glance, keeping the weight of your product down without hurting its durability is easier than you think. And we can ensure this as an aluminum CNC turning parts manufacturer.

At Promostar, we can create aluminum parts by rotating workpieces in computer-controlled turning machines. With CNC technology behind the process, we oversee the production stage and ensure your items are being made to your specs and required tolerances. There’s no room for human error as we follow established CNC protocols, so no mistake with parts can affect your end product.


Even if you’re looking to order aluminum CNC turning parts with non-standard thicknesses, you shouldn’t worry about your pieces being too heavy. With its low-density properties and strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum is an ideal choice for many products. Some of them include:

  • shafts

  • safety reflectors

  • manifolds

  • equipment components

  • electronics

Our machines are best suited for conical and cylindrical pieces, but the sky’s the limit. Promostar serves as an aluminum CNC turning parts supplier for so many manufacturers because we can work with all surfaces, coatings, and finishes. Leave your request to kick-start the production of pieces for your needs.

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