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Precision turning stainless steel

Precision turning stainless steel

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Precision turning stainless steel


Enhance your equipment performance with precision turning parts

In the manufacturing industry, speed and cost-effectiveness are matters of priority. At the same time, the quality of the products must be excellent to satisfy customers’ requirements. Promostar considers all these factors when producing machinery components. Being one of the best precision turned parts manufacturers, we offer you top-notch hardware made within the shortest time and at reasonable prices.
Whether you need fastening units for construction engineering projects, household appliances, motorcycle production, or medical equipment, we can supply them. Our precision turning parts are made of stainless steel,brass,Copper, Aluminium,Titanium,POM and so on so. Their durability allows you to use them to:

  • Increase the service life of your equipment. These precision turned parts are resistant to deformation due to overheating and corrosion, ensuring that your machinery can last longer.
  • Improve the accuracy of moving parts. With our pieces, you will be able to fine-tune whatever you’re producing with precision.
  • Boost the efficiency of processing equipment. The extraordinary durability of our high-precision turning parts saves you from downtime and unnecessary costs.

Promostar’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with the best CNC and milling machines operated by experienced professionals. We also rigorously test every item and guarantee outstanding service.


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