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Bronze CNC Turned Parts

Bronze CNC Turned Parts

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Bronze CNC Turned Parts

Order brass CNC turned parts from Promostar

CNC turning is best for an array of metals and alloys, and bronze is no exception. Highly effective and easily repeatable, this process can be set up for bronze clamps, inserts, pins, and other hardware you use for your production projects. With the Promostar brass CNC turned parts manufacturer, you can get all that and even more.


We stand behind the accuracy of our CNC turning processes that no human-operated machine can keep up with. After configuring them for brass pieces, we can replicate any part shape with as little material waste as possible. This entails rock-bottom production costs for you, as well as hardware that is made to the specified thickness and tolerances.


Promostar is deemed to be a major brass CNC turned parts supplier in the area thanks to:

  • Production capacities that enable us to meet the strictest deadlines

  • Compliance with international standards related to brass,bronze and CNC turning

  • Large orders produced and handled quickly

  • Comprehensive guidance, from professional part design advice to delivery

Did you say thousands of identical pieces? Buy brass CNC turned parts online by leaving your details here and let Promostar fine-tune its machines to get down to work.

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