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Stainless Steel Turned Shafts

Stainless Steel Turned Shafts

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Stainless Steel Turned Shafts


Go for smooth rotary motion with stainless steel shafts

No rotational piece is reliable without being manufactured to the highest precision level. And if you’re looking to ensure that your one actually is, Promostar is here for you. Our CNC turned steel shafts are made through a series of CNC-controlled processes to achieve a smooth surface, the desired straightness of rods, and accurate dimensional tolerances. Their step-down design provides a more secure fit for bearings and sprocket wheels, while their roundness makes it easier to transmit torque to other pieces.
After turning, shafts are further processed to ensure their polished design. This results in more rotary motion benefits for the hardware they are coupled with. What’s more, Promostar uses high-grade stainless steel for turned shafts to extend the range of their applications. By improving their corrosion resistance and robustness in tough environments, we guarantee that our pieces can be used for:

  • connecting rods
  • drive and pump shafts
  • automotive components
  • cylinders
  • construction machinery

This list is not complete, meaning that our stainless steel shafts have many other applications. If you’re not sure whether they are suited for yours, submit your message to find out. Our experts don’t mind sharing a word of advice to help you.


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