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Stainless steel bush automatic turned parts

Stainless steel bush automatic turned parts

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Stainless steel bush automatic turned parts


Stainless steel bushings that will make your equipment run smoothly

Promostar produces turned plain bushings of various sizes., complemented by the durability of stainless steel. We sell custom-designed parts that correspond to your specific requirements. If you’re looking for quality bushes that will firmly hold elements in your assemblies, you will find them at Promostar.
These components are applied in many structures and machines to connect two parts and reduce vibration and noise between them if they are moving. Such fasteners can be found in home appliances, vehicles, hydraulic gear pumps, drill jugs, motors, rotors, and many other devices.
Here are some characteristics of these stainless steel bearings that will benefit your equipment:

  • Corrosion resistance. Promostar’s parts made of stainless steel don’t rust and wear. You can apply them even in underwater machinery and assemblies.
  • Firmness. Steel is a robust alloy that makes our bushings unbreakable. That’s why they are widely used with heavy industrial wheels.
  • Increased shock, friction, and noise absorption. Our steel bushes will help your machines operate more smoothly and quietly.
  • Self-lubrication. You won’t have to fret about the maintenance of our bushings as grease is drenched in their sliding layers. That’s how they remain oiled all the time.

Our capacity allows us to handle orders even for thousands of bushes with fast turnaround times. Place your one and get a quote from Promostar.


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