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Aluminum CNC Milled Frames

Aluminum CNC Milled Frames

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Aluminum CNC Milled Frames


Order Aluminum CNC Milled frames – CNC milling performance at its best

These parts are for those in the market for less heavy pieces than steel, copper, or brass ones. Excelling in ductility and corrosion resistance, our aluminum frames are the best bet for structures and assemblies, in which the weight of the end product matters most. If it’s versatility and ease of use that your applications require, these pieces will do nicely, too. At Promostar, we produce Aluminum CNC Milled frames, including 3- and 4-axis machines, to make sure they have outstanding characteristics. Some of them include:

  • our frames are made L-shaped but feature right angles
  • you can order multiple pieces in the same or various colors
  • they come with pre-cut holes along their horizontal as well as vertical elements
  • each frame is milled to perfection to ensure unerring machining accuracy

What’s more, all these features are not the only ones that distinguish our parts from those supplied by other manufacturers. There’s always room for custom upgrades with Promostar’s aluminum CNC milled frames. Let us know how we can configure our machines to produce your sought-after parts. We assure you that our milling and technological capabilities are enormous enough to do that for you.


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