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Hex Automatic Turned Screw

Hex Automatic Turned Screw

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Hex Automatic Turned Screw


Hex screws for more reliable fastening

Stock up on the highest-quality stainless steel turning parts that can be widely applied in construction and machinery. You can use our hex screws to fasten wooden and metal materials. These parts are popular in automotive and engineering industries because of their specific features:

  • Practical design. The screws are easy to grip with tools from different angles as they have hexagonal caps.
  • Durability. Our parts are resistant to corrosion and can be of use in constructions exposed to rough environmental conditions.
  • Reliability. Our hex screws are strong, so when you fasten something with them, it won’t get loose for a long time.

Why buy hex screws from Promostar?

We pay careful attention to every production stage, so in the end, we get first-class specialized hardware that can serve multiple purposes. No matter what type of work you need to do, our turning parts will come in handy.
If you need custom-designed screws, we can easily make them for you as promptly as possible. There’s nothing beyond our manufacturing capacity since we have the best CNC machines to produce parts with high precision. That’s why ordering hardware from Promostar means getting exactly what you’ve asked for.


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