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Blass Automatic Turned Parts

Blass Automatic Turned Parts

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Blass Automatic Turned Parts


Take your production up a notch with brass turned parts

If your business is about Electronic Equipments,Communications,Automotive,machinery,and so on. the right choice of parts you use is crucial to its success. At Promostar, we’ve got ones made of materials of the highest quality. The strength and durability of our brass automatic turned parts are based on top-grade, corrosion-resistant copper-zinc alloys. They can be used in the automotive industry, architectural design, technical instruments, and decorative hardware production to take your business to the new level.
Have a look at brass properties to understand why parts made of it can be applied almost anywhere:

  • High thermal conductivity. This feature makes brasses perfect for manufacturing radiators or any other heat exchangers.
  • A variety of colors. Since brass is an alloy, it can have different colors by Electric-plating process, such as gold, Chrome, Nickel,Gunmetal etc. That’s why it is widely used for decorations.
  • Recyclability. All the offcuts left after the production process is completed can be turned into scrap. Then it can be used again to create new parts.
  • Tensility and good machinability. Brasses are highly flexible, meaning you can make products of any shape with these alloys.

At Promostar, we test every single piece with modern equipment. There’s no way you’ll get faulty parts from us!


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