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Blass screw automatic turning parts

Blass screw automatic turning parts

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Blass screw automatic turning parts


Custom made Brass machined screws made with leading-edge turning technology

If your applications – automotive, electronics, medical, or anything else – require an unmatched finish and high tolerances, look no further. Promostar’s custom brass machined screw are made to be the very thing for you. Their critical features are ensured by computer-controlled production processes and second-to-none machining equipment, including spindles and cutting tools.
At Promostar, we vouch for the intricate shape of these brass machined screw as the excess material is removed with utmost precision. In addition to relying on computer-aided techniques, our operators examine each secured gear and rotating item personally. Plus, every produced batch of parts goes through an array of quality check-ups with our testing equipment.
Like other hardware from Promostar, our brass machined screw parts can be created with tolerances of +/- 0.002 mm to fit your intended applications. Additionally, we’re here to produce them according to REACH and RoHS standards – all while standing behind their top-notch quality.
For sizes and other technical specifications of these brass parts, please contact us. It’ll be a pleasure for Promostar to give you more details and accept your order. If you think our hardware can be of use only in customized shapes or sizes, we’re open to discussion.


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