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Shenzhen International Industrial Supply Exhibition 30.3-2.4.2021

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Shenzhen International Industrial Supply Exhibition 30.3-2.4.2021
Shenzhen International Industrial Supply Exhibition 30.3-2.4.2021

Release time: Monday January 25th, 2021

Shenzhen International Industrial Supply Exhibition


Exhibition Features

The exhibition is the first professional show in China focused on high-end production field, gathers hundreds of top enterprises in Greater Bay Area. High precision processing technologies are showcased here in fields of aerospace, medical instruments, semiconductor, optics, 3C electronics, automobile and parts to build a one-stop communication platform with supplied drawings, subcontracts and craft communication. Besides, the theme creates a complete eco-industry chain and the sourcing platform with different industrial supply materials, covering mould and accessories, fasteners, metal materials, surface treatment and so on.

Exhibit Categories

Precision Components Area: CNC processing (lathe/milling/grinding/boring), punching, sheet metal processing, casting, plastic moulding, forging, laser processing, assembly etc.
Mould & Accessories Area: Mould, mould base, Mould core, segmental die etc.
Accessories: Thimble, spring, hot runner, leader pin bushing, stopper, latch lock unit, jig, mold insert etc.
Fastener Area: Finished fastener: standard fastener, non-standard fastener, fastener products in different fields
Fastener Device, Wire, Mould & Consumables: fastener production equipment, fastener materials, fastener mould & consumables, detection device, relative technology and equipment etc.
Metal Materials Area: Special steel, tool and die steels, stainless steel, tungsten steel, copper product, hot and cold rolled sheet, all materials (bar, pipe, wire, plate), graphite etc.
Surface Treatment Area: Mechanical finishing: grinding, polishing, vibration polishing, waxing, deburring, sandblasting machine & shot peening equipment, surface strengthening & modification, preprocessing, anti-rust and derusting technology.
Preprocessing & Electroplating Technology: Cleaning, electric cleaning, chemical rust removal, ultrasonic wave, impregnation, acid cleaning, degrease (chemically/electronically), conversion coating (phosphating, oxidation, silane treatment, aluminum & aluminum alloy oxidation), electroplating, anodizing, metallization, plasma technology,stripping buffer & equipment etc.

We are looking forward to see you at stand 4-A31 from 30.3-2.4.2021 .




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