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Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

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Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Release time: Tuesday November 24th, 2020

Dear Customer:


 Thank you very much for your support in 2020. During the year of COVID-19 pandemie.We (Promostar) the whole team are really really appreciated your support.We understood the power of Unity.We sincerely hope that we could cooperate more and more to creat a meaningful Value between us. For us people and for our future.


 Time flies, Christmas season is here,Chinese New Year is coming. To aviod any delay and optimise our production.Please kindly note below are the order and shipping timetable for your consideration:


* Shipping before Christmas (24.Dec.2020),Please send us the order within next week (4.Dec.2020)

* Shipping before Chinese New Year holiday (1st.Feb.2021), Please send us the order within 31.Dec.2020

* The first shipment after Chinese New Year Holiday is 1st.Mar.2021

 * Our Chinese New Year holiday will be from 5th.Feb.2021 until 21st.Feb.2021. 


 We apologize for the Problems, Defectives, Mistakes, Delays and so on caused by us. We are continuously Improving, Growing, Learning ourselves. Let's keep Opening ,Growing, Communicating together. We wish all of us have a prosperous 2021.Thank you.


 Have a nice day!

 Promostar Team


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