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Copper Introduction

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  Brass is copper-zincalloy. The mechanical performance of brass varies with its content of zinc. High zinc cintent contributes to higher strength and lower plasticity. The zinc content in brass shall not be more than 45%. Or the brass will become brittle and its performance will go bad. If 1% pf tin is added to brass, it will greatly improveits resistance against sea watercorrosion and ocean atmosphere corrosion so much alloy is named as " Naval Brass". Tin can improve machinability of brass. Lead-brass is also known as easily-machinability of brass. The main perpose of adding some lead ix to improve machiability and wearability.Copper for carving is a kind of lead-brass. Most of brass boasts good luster,high machinability and flexibility,easily galvanized or coated.


  Red copper is also known as pure copper,boasts high electrical and heat conductivity and high plasticity,suitable for hot and cold press,can be made into tube,bar,wire,strip,ban,plate and foil. It is widely applied to produce elextrical wire,cable,brush and electrically-eroded copper for spark requiring high electrical conductivity,apparatus and meter, such as compass and aviation instrument,which require high daimagnettism.

   Nickel Copper

   Nickel copper is also known as white copper. Generally the content of nickel is 10%,15% and 20%;higher the nickel contains,whitee the color is nickel-copper is named ordinary white copper,nickel-copper contains maganese,iron,zinc,aluminium or other chemical element is known as complex whilte copper.The addiing of nickel to pure copper can greatly improve its strengh,corrosoion resistance,electric resistance and conduct Electrecity.White copper for industrial use can be classified into white copper for structural rsr and the one for electrical use according to different performance and use to satisfy different requirement in corrosion resistance,electrical and heat performance.


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